Freelance User Interface Designer (UI) in Bath

Good User Interface (UI) Design is much more than creating pretty visuals, it is fundamental to the overall performance and success of any website or digital application.

Users these days have very limited time, so creating a User Interface that is intuitive, easy to use and thoughtfully put together has never been more important. Simple things such as the colour and size of your Call to Action buttons can have a dramatic affect on the number of sales you make for instance, as can the number of clicks it takes to reach your desired location.

Our User Interface Design capabilities…

As part of the Digital User Interface Design process, we are often asked to demonstrate our expertise with the following aspects of the project:


Personas help you understand who will typically be using your site / application, and to refine accordingly.

User Journeys

Often we will work with a client to work out how users can and do interact with your site / application. This helps to understand behaviour and look at improving functionality.


We can put together wireframes for your project in order to show how your content will be structured / arranged.


We often create prototypes (which are effectively interactive wireframes) using online tools such as Hotgloo and Pidoco.

Layered Photoshop files

Once we’ve agreed on the fundamentals of the project, we get to work creating elegant designs, usually in Photoshop.

Sprite Sheets

We can create sprite sheets (A grid of images each of the same size, showing various states), particularly useful when creating graphics and icons for Web / Mobile Apps and Games.

When we got into the web industry back in 1999, designing interfaces was much simpler, there were far fewer ways of displaying your website in terms of devices, and there were pretty much no rules – it was a time of multiple fonts and text sizes on one page, scrolling ticker tapes, and 3D JavaScript / Flash animations.

Thankfully, UI has moved on a lot since then. Nowadays when you create designs, as a Freelance Digital Designer you have to consider how your interface will work not only on Desktop computers, but also (Responsively) on Tablets, Mobile phones and more recently Smart Watches and for devices in portrait and landscape orientations, in a huge variety of sizes and resolutions. This brings with it complexities, but also lots of opportunity for creative user interface (UI) solutions that help overcome these challenges.

We’ve been lucky enough to be designing User Interfaces for over 16 years, and have had the opportunity to work for high-profile clients such as Sony, Betfair, Landrover Jaguar and Coke. Having been freelance user interface designers for the last 7 years, we get to use that know-how for a mixture of our own clients, and sometimes for Digital Agencies.

Recent UI Design work…

Tax Calculator User Interface

User interface (UI) design bath

User Interface for a Tax Company in New Zealand, replacing what was a very manual and slow system, to a simplified form and intuitive ‘slider’ to quickly and easily calculate your tax payments.

E-Learning website User Interface

E-Learning User Interface Design

E-Learning is all about ease of use, so designing a website accordingly was crucial. As well as creating a contemporary, responsive interface, we designed the original branding, helping the client stand out and showcase their innovative product.

Medical App User Interface

We designed the User Interface for a medical client who wanted an App that could be used by medical professionals to quickly and easily show potential clients their range of high-tech implants.