Freelance Graphic Designer in Bath

If you are looking for a talented and reliable freelance graphic designer in Bath, who can work on your projects, then look no further.

Good graphic design can not only lift your design, it canĀ create credibility and trust in your brand, helping gain more of the customers you want.

A big part of branding and advertising is in designing products and services which are attractive. Graphic Design has a huge part to play in this attraction.

Some of our graphic design capabilities

Business Cards

Helping you say hello to your customers

Corporate stationary

From headed paper, to comp slips and leaflets

Logo Design

Encapsulate your brand in a new logo design

Icon design

A picture can say a thousand words – an icon can too


If you have a tonne of information and want to get it across in an easy to understand way

Interface designs

From web site designs, to responsive designs on mobile devices

We’ve been graphic designers in the web/print industry for over 16 years, and have been lucky enough to create graphics for clients large and small.

We started working in the e-Learning industry in 1999 producing graphics to illustrate particular scenarios, e.g. how to drive your armoured security vehicle without getting caught by the bad guys (often very interesting stuff).

After e-Learning we both got involved with more conventional design agencies, which involved more traditional print design – business cards, stationary etc, as well as a big shift to the web.

Recent Graphic Design work…

Van graphics


As part of re-designing the Paperbag Co website, we were tasked with creating the company’s van livery

Logo Concept Designs

Aldridge logo concepts graphic design

These logo concepts were part of the design process for Aldridge Smart Furniture.

Concert Website Designs

Concert website graphic design

We created designs for a free concert held in Accra, Ghana for Barefoot Live