User Interface Designer morning routine – update

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So the 2 weeks of my trial to create the perfect morning routine for a User Interface designer is now complete. So how did I do?

Well the first thing to say is – hooray! I managed to do for the full 2 weeks!

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Was it easy?

Once I started to get into a routine, it didn’t feel so much as a chore, just became something I did. I was very close to failing though. On the Monday of the 2nd week after a late previous night, I almost went back to bed. I sat on the edge of the bed after turning off the alarm, and debated in my head wether to force myself out and up, or dive back under the covers! I was literally on a knife edge. The fact that I was doing this experiment and didn’t want to have to start again, pushed me far enough to finally get up and head for the shower. So the fact that I was actually doing this and had committed, and publicised it was motivation in itself – worth remembering for my next challenge!

So what’s changed?

Well firstly I just feel so much more positive about mornings. Instead of focussing on how bad they are and how I should improve them, I’m focussing on enjoying them, and just spending more quality time with the family feels great. Doing exercise really sets me up and helps wake me up too – it lifts my mood too – I think I’m competing with my wife in the chirpiness competition!

Things are no longer a rush, I’ve got time to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and chat and think about the plan for the day. My finances seem to have improved too, it’s going to be a good month and looks like I’ll be well over target. This could be an anomaly due to being a busy time of the year, but it feels like more than that – it feels like my positive start is flowing through the rest of the day, and into general life and this is making more business – enthusiasm spreads!

I’m now hoping that the habit has been formed, and that I can continue this success from now on. I’m determined not to go back to old ways, so I’m confident and committed that this will be the norm from now. I’m looking forward to being the best User Interface Designer I can be!

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